Sandwiches at The Clam Bake

All Sandwiches are served with choice of one side:
French Fries ~ Sweet Potato Fries ~ Rice ~ Coleslaw ~ Corn on the Cob ~ Grilled Garlic Potatoes
~ Apple Sauce ~ Baby Lima Beans ~ Boston Baked Beans ~ Baby Glazed Carrots ~ Chef’s Veg

Seafood Sandwiches:

Clam Strip Roll
Fresh Maine Lobster Roll ~ Served on a New England Split Top Roll
Fried Ipswich Roll
Fried Oyster Roll
Crab Meat Roll
Tuna Roll
Tuna Melt
Grouper Reuben (When Available)
Haddock Reuben
Crab Cake Sandwich ~ Made with 100% Mid Atlantic Crabmeat Claw
Fried Scallop Roll
Fried Shrimp Roll
Clam Strip Roll
Haddock Sandwich (Fried, Broiled or Blackened)


Grilled Cheese
Grilled Ham & Cheese
B.L.T. - Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
Angus Burger
Blue Cheese Burger
New England Burger (Sour Cream & Sautèed Mushrooms)
Patty Melt with Grilled Onions
Chicken Cordon Blue
Corned Beef Reuben on Marble Rye
Chicken Breast (Grilled, Fried, Broiled or Blackened)
Saugy (Hot Dog)

Fresh Maine Lobster Roll

Fresh Maine Lobster Roll

100% Angus Burger

100% Angus Burger

"Authentic New England Styled Seafood"

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